Some men see things as they are, and say why
I dream of things that never were and say, why not?
    Looking through the lens I envision art as the exploration of possibilities without imprisonment. That being said, all of these images have been shot in film and all manipulation has been done in my darkroom. My photography and artistic view is not about limiting myself to familiar. My images play with the limits of sensuality and eroticism as I attempt to accentuate my subjects through creative expression to help breakdown the barriers around cultural values and morals. If I see an opportunity and it presents itself to me, then I must not be afraid of distorting my original image to achieve an extraordinary effect.
    I often experiment with blending of multiple images with a theme, by creating various textures from all of the elements available to me. Although the subject is central to my theme it is but a vehicle that allows me to communicate a specific feeling, emotion, fantasy or memory and collaborates to result in what I envision. My art and my photography reflect into my personal fantasies and emotions. They are about love and loss, birth and transcendence. The emotions that make up our psyche, these are my dreamscapes and nightmares. This is my life.

    Alexander23, artist, cinematographer, & photographer was born in Vienna, Austria currently resides in Domus Mundi. He shoots with Nikon cameras, although he’d prefer Leica and uses 2 modified Bessler enlargers.  His work has been shown in various galleries internationally and been collected worldwide.

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